vertical socer

Vertical Soccer is MSC's way of forcing our athletes out of their comfort zones.  The system provides all U9 and older MSC athletes the opportunity to train with older players and subsequently for them to be the older players in a training session with a younger age group on a bi-weekly basis.  


Session 1:

  • Week 1: U10s train with U11s
  • Week 2: U10s train with U9s  

Session 2: U10 Group Training

Session 3: U10 Team Training

These train-up days force players out of their comfort zones into a more challenging environment playing with older, stronger and in many cases more talented players.  The train-down days are far from "throw-away" days for those training with a younger team as these players are asked to command the field and orchestrate play in a fashion they may not be capable of surrounded by their peers.  The changing environment asks them to problem solve;  to think through adapting play to different sets of teammates.  This training method may not always be a player favorite at the outset, but it deserves encouragement as parents and players soon reap the rewards of the challenge vertical training presents.   

Vertical training offerings continue as our players move through their high school years. Our summer soccer and winter social soccer group training sessions allow those in their high school years to train with older high school aged players, returning and local college players, our training staff, and current and former semi-professional and professional players.