Massapequa SC Volunteer of the Year

On March 3, 2017 LIJSL honored Oliver Raymond as the Massapequa SC Volunteer of the Year. Oliver Raymond, a native of East London, has been working with Massapequa Soccer since 2008. Coming from a family with local connections to West Ham, soccer has always been part of the weekend sounds and activity. He played recreationally in local Essex leagues growing up, and resumed involvement with soccer as soon as his first son was able to join the Massapequa program. Oliver started in the program as a parent, then assistant coach, then coach. When the opportunity to contribute both more time and experience to the program arose with a long time coordinator moving on, he offered to run the Interleague program.  Oliver currently manages two boys teams and coordinates the inter town rosters, schedules and referees. 

Oliver says: "I coach because I want to give back to the community the opportunities I was offered as a child, when I saw my father run weekly team training and matches, and in the spirit of my grandfather who ran Repton Boys club in the 50's. I think that the program being able to provide recreational soccer is very important. We see a growing number of difficulties with health and social issues in youth, and this easy to access, parent coached, program offers a sense of team and community without higher cost and time barriers which other programs have.”

Congratulations, Oliver!