U7-U8 Program Information - Foundation

U7-U8 Core Program - Foundation Phase

  • Sunday Morning Small-Sided Games

    • MSC continues to focus on “In-House” small-sided games at the U7 and U8 level.  Our long-standing methodology is in line with the European nations (Spain, Germany, Belgium eg) who consistently produce the most technically proficient players.

    • These small sided games result in more touches on the ball—the most important factor at this age level—which results in the development of technique.

  • 3 Training Sessions 

    • Free Play Environment

      • Competitive ladder system & small sided games going to goal

    • Group Play

      • Groups will be formed and rotate through different stations working on specific techniques.  Trainers may group based on ability.  Speed, balance & agility work included in the session.

    • Small-Sided Games

      • Going to goal with very limited stoppages but the trainer might use this game to teach players how to do a throw-in correctly eg. Speed, balance & agility work included in each session.  Introduction of the rules of the game.